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About Namorth
Namorth is an ever growing setting for D&D game. It began as a D20 incarnation and since has made the move to 4th edition. THis page will be dedicated to all of the people that have played or will play in this setting. It is a place to remember the good old times that Magie rolled the 1 on her search check.... well you get the idea. it is also a place where new colabrative imagininations can be plied together to help flesh out and increase the games Value. As time goes the wiki will be updated and fleshed out and the forums will kick into high gear.
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for doors to be opened.
by Mali (Gamaliel) on May. 26th
to investigate rumors.
by Mali (Gamaliel) on May. 19th
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by Eshamuta (Dartum) Warded on May. 19th
Finding a Path
by Eshamuta (Dartum) Warded on May. 19th
Caravan Living
by Izzle Belle on May. 18th
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